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Driving License

Step by step on how to get a Swedish Driving License. In Sweden, the minimum age is 16 years old to get a basic car Learner’s permit.

Step 1 – Learner’s permit

In order to start practicing driving in Sweden, you’ll have to apply for a Learner’s permit. A Swedish Learner’s permit does not require a test, but only allows practicing with a teacher or private teacher such as a parent or friend.

If you’re applying for a B license you must include a health declaration and an eye test certificate with your application. You can do an eye test at Norra Trafikskolan by booking an appointment Please call 0920-949 99 or email us

Follow this link to fill in the form for a health declaration (e-service in Swedish):

Here you can find the text “Declaration of health” translated into English:

The Swedish Transport Agency will issue a Learner’s permit if you’re believed to be a suitable driver based on your personal and medical circumstances. A Learner’s permit is valid for five years. This period can’t be extended. If you have not passed a theory test and practical test within this time, you must apply for a new Learner’s permit.

Introduction Course

As a student, you only need to take an introductory course if you intend to practice driving privately. Your supervisor also needs to take the introductory course. The course is valid for 5 years for both of you. NOTE! You don’t have to attend the introductory course if you only intend to drive on a traffic school.

Step 2 - The compulsory risk course has two parts

There are two compulsory risk courses you’ll have to do before you can do the theory test and driving test at the Swedish Transport Administration. You can still book in advance, but Risk 1 and Risk 2 must be done before the theory test.

Risk1 is about alcohol and drugs in traffic and its risks. The course takes 3 hours and is mandatory for you to obtain a Swedish driving license. You book the Risk1 course at a traffic school. Norra Trafikskolan has Risk 1 courses in Swedish and English. Contact us for booking.

The second compulsory risk course is called Risk 2. It’s a practical course where you get to experience how the car behaves on different road surfaces. We recommend that you are in the final stages of your education before taking Risk 2.

To be allowed to go on Risk2 with Norra Trafikskolan, each new student needs to take at least 1 driving lesson for us to book the student on a Risk2. The student must pass the driving modules 1-10. The traffic instructor will explain the requirements in more details before the driving lesson.

Step 3 - Theory and Driving test

You can’t book tests at the Swedish Transport Administration without having an approved Learner’s Permit. If you have a Learner’s Permit you can book the tests in advance even though you may not have completed all the compulsory courses.

You can book both tests at the same time, but you must pass the knowledge test first to be allowed to do the Driving test. Please press the button below to read more about it.